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As the automotive recycling industry continues to evolve and grow, tire technology is also evolving to meet the demands. Advance Tire, Inc. is one of the first to recognize the need for a reliable, durable, and affordable tire in the fast-growing automotive recycling industry.

In order to be profitable and serve your customers, one of the main things you cannot afford to happen is having your equipment down due to tire issues. That is where Advance Tire comes in.

Advance Tire offers our own tire brand of solid tires, The Contender Tire. This affordable solid tire is designed to fit everything from your, Wheel Loaders, Skid Steers and your All-Terrain Forklifts.

The debris that normally damaged pneumatic or foam filled tires putting a machines out of service, will not put your machines down when running our Contender Soft Ride Solid Tires. Not only will your machine keep running our Contender Solid Tires will also last 3 to 5 times longer than pneumatic or foam filled tires.

We also build our Contender Solid Tires with aperture holes, which allow the tire to flex, allowing for a softer ride and improved traction.

Of course, making sure you buy the correct tire for your operation is key. From small family owned operations to large national operations we have a tire program to fit your needs and budget.

In most cases we can ship tires the same day or next day on wheels ready to install. Next time you need tires call us and find out why companies have been using Advance Tire for their tire needs since 1987.