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Pinnacle Pro Users – Do you miss your Inventory Buddy software? Buddy Automotive has great news!

Added integration with URG Parts Pro has added a crash guide data hotkey to Inventory Buddy. Hotkeys for eBay sold listings and generic Google searches are one button click away now, too. You can now also automatically save a recall report in your vehicle pictures to prove you checked for recalls at the time of inventory. Those recalls are automatically checked and displayed as you inventory the vehicle to ensure you are properly notified of recalled parts, and will automatically tell you if RAS is paying for the recalled airbag. Support for additional cloud utilities besides Dropbox, such as Google Drive and simple file sharing has been added as well.

What do you need?

A small piece of data export hardware called a “chuck” that will transfer and upload the images from your Final Desktop Review and then attach the picture to a part description in your Pinnacle Motor Vehicle Record. The hardware is available for $250 from Chris Shoemaker at OEM Parts Corporation. Our support department will install, reinstall or update your hardware after that. And as always, we give unlimited support, unlimited training and all software updates are included in your annual license. So please don’t hesitate to call for more training for your staff.

If you want to get back to using your favorite inventory tool WITH IMAGES please give us a call and we can get the process started!

As a Bid Buddy user, we want you to be as successful as possible. Every now and then, we see opportunities to help you by teaming up with third party providers that will complement Bid Buddy and help your business.

During the past 12 months we at Buddy Automotive have been working closely with Chris Daglis and Chad Counselman from Auto PARTnered Solutions on two of their products/services – which you may have already heard of – exactbids and exactstats.

Several Bid Buddy users are now using both these services. When combined they take using Bid Buddy to the next level! They also save you time and help you make more money.

Here is a brief explanation of what they do and how they can help you.

What is exactbids?

It is a dedicated salvage previewing service, preparing bids on the best cars for your facility ready for you to buy at auction. This means that:

  • A trained and managed previewer dedicates 100% of their skills and time on your business.
  • They complete all the previews, choosing the good parts and correct interchange while you are sleeping or enjoying time with your family.
exactbids will help you:
  • Buy better salvage – because they have been previewed properly
  • Buy more salvage – because more vehicles have been previewed
  • Find the right salvage you need to meet your customer needs
  • Buy salvage at a cost of goods that will drive your profitability higher

Having used Bid Buddy, you know that it’s all about the data and buying scientifically. 

Do you ever look at some salvage and can’t work out why your projected versus actual sales just do not match? After all they should, if you are buying the right sales at the right price. This is where exactstats comes in.

What is exactstats?

  • A personalized service that uses your data, specific to your business to segment your buying with a level of accuracy which will eliminate those bad buys. Every quarter exactstats reviews the settings to help you fine tune the algorithms to ensure success.

exactstats will help you by segmenting your data and creating the right QCI settings for your business so that your bids are accurate – not based on gut but on facts. And in turn you will be paying the right money for the right sales – not too much, not too little – just right!

Chris and Chad are helping many Bid Buddy users and the feedback we have received from our customers about the results has been really positive. If you want to supercharge your Bid Buddy system with exactstats and exactbids:

Call Chad (North America +1 251 391 6551) or

Chris (Australia, New Zealand, UK +61 411 743 560)