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Inventory Buddy has so many features to make your inventory process easier. Are you using them?

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Inventory Buddy

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Flag for Follow-up Reports

Flag for Follow up list Even with all the helpers provided by Inventory Buddy for selecting interchange such as Comp 9 reports on the tablet, IAA Data Service, Bid Buddy bidder’s selection, Hollander Interchange Notes, Instant access to the VIN, there will be times when the correct interchange can’t be figured out until the part is off the car and you have access to an OEM number on the part itself.  Inventory buddy will help in this situation by allowing you to flag the part for follow-up later. The Flag for Follow-up report will list any parts you flagged, along with the interchange you guessed it to be, and then under that, all the interchanges it could be. This report can be printed to paper or saved as a file on your computer to be referenced or printed later when the vehicle is being dismantled, and you have hands on access to the flagged part.

Loose Parts Audit

Flag for Follow up ReportInventory Buddy’s Loose Audit is a powerful tool for performing a physical inventory of your warehouse stock. It can list all the parts expected at a location, and then you can mark each part as found or not found. This can be made even easier if your part tags are bar coded and you use a bar code scanner to scan each tab and mark them found automatically. After finishing a section, any parts not found, are marked for deletion. Audit is smart enough, that if you come across a missing part at a later location, it takes that previous Delete and turns it into a Move action instead.


Loose parts audit Parts Images in Loose Parts

Are you missing images on parts inventoried already in your YMS? Use Loose Parts to add an image to a part or replace an image.

Pinnacle Pro Users

Inventory Buddy has Image capabilities now! All you need is a data export hardware (“chuck”) that imports the images from the FDR into your Pinnacle Pro database. VINMatchPro is integrated in Bid Buddy and will import vehicle mileage. That data will transfer into Inventory Buddy soon after.

About Us

Buddy Automotive Innovations has been serving well over 1,000 professional automobile recyclers across the U.S., Canada, and Australia for almost 15 years. Buddy Automotive was founded in July 2003 by Mike Lambert and John Johnson. Inventory Buddy and Bid Buddy are designed specifically for auto recyclers to make their businesses more efficient and profitable. We currently have two full time sales reps and six full time support technicians and over 1,400 Buddies in use today.