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lamb fuelsI would like to recommend to all auto & truck dismantlers, scrap & Salvage Yards that have not committed to Hazardous Material recycling to start preparing today.

I believe half the battle is making sure your racks, work areas, and yards are clean and make it a priority to recovering your oil, fluids, and fuels properly, and, keeping them separated and as clean as possible in properly labeled containers.

Train and educate your employees how to properly handle recyclable hazardous materials and have bi-weekly meetings to remind them, emphasizing on how important keeping it clean really is.

I have watched an employee take good recyclable gasoline and pump into a tank of gasoline contaminated with used motor oil, costing the yard hundreds of dollars instead of making the yard hundreds of dollars.

The key is to stay ahead of the game with practices and documentation that supports recycling your hazardous materials.

Please Consider This!

Lamb Fuels recover millions of gallons of reusable fuel annually and our number one priority is safety. Fuel is a dangerous product that must be handled correctly. Lamb Fuels, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with profitable, safe and innovative fuel recovery solutions. We achieve this with our commitment to compliance and operational safety, while listening to our customers to enable mutual success through innovation.

lamb fuelsWith the high cost of fuel and the increasing demands to be environmentally friendly it makes sense to reduce, recycle and reuse every possible commodity.

I believe it might not be today or this month or even maybe a year, but I believe it will be coming to your state and area eventually. When State or federal agency knocks on your door you can welcome them in.


Best regards,
Jerry Hill
Sales / Marketing

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