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SCA Monitor Catalytic converter buyers & sellers want what other established commodity markets already have: Access to dependable suppliers and consumers, a transaction process that protects their financial interests, and most of all, reliable Price Discovery.

Unfortunately, the current way converters are bought and sold is outdated. It keeps existing buyers and sellers “locked-in” to an old, inefficient business network. This outdated model is frustrating for Sellers because it makes accurate price discovery time-consuming, challenging, and sometimes impossible. This frustration often leaves Sellers wondering if it was a fair transaction. This old model constrains Buyers, as well, by creating costly geographic barriers to new suppliers which makes bidding, buying, and collecting difficult.

It is time for our industry to move to a modern business model for buying and selling scrap catalytic converters – one that provides transparent pricing for sellers, gives buyers easy access to new supply, and protects the financial interest of both! 

We recognize that change will be hard for some buyers and sellers that are comfortable with the old ways of doing business. Evolution is not always easy.

To help create a simple and smooth experience for users, we have made our auction platform extremely easy to use. In addition, we personally walk users through the onboarding process step-by-step. Our goal is to bring professional and innovative buyers and sellers together, to provide the price discovery they want, along with easy access to each other, and a low-cost, safe and protected transaction.

SCA Auctions Work When using the ScrapCATapp Marketplace, geography is no longer an obstacle. Buyers now have access to sellers across the country and can grow their volume as much as they desire. Sellers benefit by having multiple, competitive buyers compete for their converters, every time!

The concept behind ScrapCATapp is simple: Bring buyers and sellers together into a transaction platform that is safe, easy, and benefits everyone!

With ScrapCATapp:

  • Sellers easily inventory and list their converters for sale. Then receive bids from interested and competitive Buyers across the nation, without having to leave their office!
  • Buyers grow their business with unrestricted access to new Sellers that are outside their current geographic reach. With no customer acquisition cost and expensive site visits, this significantly reduces Buyer’s time and marketing efforts and allows more competitive bids.
  • The entire industry benefits with Supply & Demand being brought together efficiently and creating a “Win-Win” transaction for all participants.

ScrapCATapp helps you avoid the following pain points:

  • goodbye to the “old-fashioned” network that stops the market from working efficiently. Buyers are no longer disadvantaged by barriers to acquiring new suppliers, finding the decision-makers, or having to worry about receiving quality material.
  • New technologies and efficient logistics are only making the “old transaction” get older, faster! Every year, unless buyers and sellers are actively improving their access to each other, their network is degrading.
  • The ScrapCATapp Marketplace allows buyers and sellers to keep their finger on the pulse of the scrap converter market ensuring they pay and get paid competitive prices and maintain access to consistent suppliers and buyers.

Innovative buyers and sellers are saying hello to the New Way to Buy and Sell Scrap Catalytic Converters! 

To buy or sell via the ScrapCATapp Online Auction Marketplace, please contact us via phone or email or visit our website to sign up for a user account.

We look forward to working with you!
125 S. Trevor Street
Anaheim, CA  92806
Scott Vollero / Christopher Gaines
714 618 5099