Auctions are the Best Way to Sell Your Catalytic Converters!

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scrapcat app

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scrapcatappWhy should I sell my converters using an auction?

Auctions create fair market competition for your converters. It is by creating competition among buyers that the value for your converters are maximized – something ALL Sellers want. If you want to have buyers compete for your business – then the ScrapCATapp Marketplace is for you!

What is is to selling catalytic converters as auto auctions are to selling insurance salvage cars. We Do Not Buy – We Do Not Sell – we are the Premier Online Auction Marketplace for buying and selling scrap catalytic converters. We connect Sellers to multiple nationwide buyers.

Why is it important to have multiple bidders for my cats?

The simple fact is this: ALL CATALYTIC CONVERTER BUYERS are NOT created equal.

What does this mean? There are factors, other than just the current metal prices, that buyers take into account when determining what they are willing to pay for converters.

A buyer starving for units will value converters differently than a buyer with a full warehouse. A buyer aggressively expanding their market will value converters differently than a buyer content with their existing business. There are more than a dozen factors that buyers consider when pricing converters (hedges, process technology, market assumptions, prior commitments, etc.)

How each buyer perceives these factors ultimately determines how much that buyer will pay. Unfortunately, as a Seller, you will never know how much weight a buyer gives to each of these factors.

So, given all of this, how can a Seller sift through all of these unknowable aspects of a buyer’s business in order to figure out who can pay the highest price for their converters at any given time?

The answer: AUCTIONS! ScrapCATapp has integrated Online Auction technology with the scrap converter market. With ScrapCATapp, Sellers can give ALL buyers a fair and equal opportunity to compete for their business. Sellers can now compare multiple bids, and know with absolute certainty which buyer provides them with the best deal.

Do I sell by Assay or Units?

On, you can request BOTH Assay AND Unit bids from buyers in the SAME auction.

Can I keep my current buyer?

Yes. We invite all Converter buyers, including yours, to use our platform. And the best part? It is FREE for all buyers to use This means there is no reason for any buyer to not give you a bid for your Units – unless of course, they don’t feel they can compete on a fair and level playing field.

Will this add to my processes?

In some cases, it will add an additional step to your converter process. However, most users find that the REWARDS received for taking this extra step, GREATLY outweighs the cost of that extra step.

How does it work?

  1. You sign up.
  2. We train your staff how to use ScrapCATapp.
  3. You post your Units on our Marketplace.
  4. Buyers bid. You choose the best bid.
  5. Our Transaction Assistance Program ensures 100% payment from buyers before units leave your facility.

What does it take to get started?

Log onto our website ( and sign up for a new account.

Then we schedule a no obligation/cost 30-minute online demo which you can participate in from the comfort of your home or office. The demo walks you through how ScrapCATapp works and allows you to determine how to ingrate our platform into your operation.

When you decide you are ready to become an Active User, we schedule a 2-hour training with your crew at your facility.
125 S. Trevor Street
Anaheim, CA  92806
Scott Vollero / Christopher Gaines
714 618 5099