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AB Cattech salvageFocus on what matters in your business and continue to grow relationships through the good times and the bad. COVID-19 taught many business owners that creativity and communication with customers and vendors regardless of the “noise” outside of your business – creates the keys to success.

In 2020 AB Cattech managed to expand in new regions, create new relationships and tackled problems that effected both logistics, processing power, employment and capital buying power to grow in an ever-changing environment.

Here are our ten tips to successfully grow a business now and into the future.

  • Focus on what matters most to run your business.
  • Consistently communicate with your team to find solutions to problems. A whiteboard discussion is a MUST DO and don’t be afraid to have a scheduled sit-down with your executives or employees once a month.
  • Continue growing and reaching out to new would-be customers. In business, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.
  • Have a problem that needs to be resolved – fix it NOW. Don’t sit on problems and address those issues immediately. A lingering problem compounds over time and the best solution is usually addressing the issue and finding a solution when the problem occurs.
  • Expand your network. In a world where technology has influenced so many lives, expand your network of connections. Go to virtual events, talk to industry leaders and experts in the field. Discuss your capabilities and see if you can help another business with their problems.
  • Become social. Interact with your fans and customers via social media. Many leads are generated through social media platforms and new connections can be made. Talk to customers, fans and those interested in your product and services.
  • Be creative. The majority of AB Cattech’s success comes from creative thinking within our team. Have an idea? Share it and see what you can do to build off of that idea.
  • Expand your capabilities and services. If you see an opportunity to help grow and expand your business – take it. Expanding your services may open new doors for your business to grow.
  • Follow the industry. Industries do change and knowing the trends in your industry is a must follow. Make sure you and your team understand the direction of the industry and how your business “fits” within that change.
  • Remember how it started. What makes your business successful to this point? How did you get here? Sometimes remembering how it all began and why you got in business in the first place creates motivation to continue growing and changing.

By: Kyle Henry – AB Cattech


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