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About the Automotive Recyclers Association

As the voice of the professional automotive recycling industry, the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) is deeply committed to meeting the needs of its membership and elevating the professional automotive recycling industry.

ARA works to connect those who supply resources, products and services with the leaders and owners of automotive recycling businesses. This Online Buyer’s Guide is one way to bring those who need services to those who supply them.

ARA Members are the elite of the industry, leaders in their community, and early adaptors to new ideas, equipment and technology. ARA is a great place to market your product and services.

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The professional automotive recycling industry is a vibrant and thriving part of the automotive supply chain.

In the United States, automotive recycling businesses employ over 140,000 people at more than 9,000 locations, representing over $32 billion in sales annually.

The primary goals of the automotive recycling industry are to harvest automobile components for reuse and to recycling the remaining valuable materials that can be used in the manufacture of new basic materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, copper and brass.

Professional automotive recycling facilities play an important role in the economic marketplace, providing a counter-weight to expensive new replacement parts and ensuring competition in the replacement parts market. Each day automotive recyclers supply over 5,000 quality, recycled original equipment manufacturer (OEM) motor vehicle replacement parts to consumers around the world.

In addition to the critical role they play in the automotive supply chain and replacement parts market, professional automotive recyclers play a valuable role in the efficient, environmentally-friendly disposal of inoperable motor vehicles. Automotive recycling preserves natural resources, reduces the demand for scarce landfill space, and plays an important role in reducing air and water pollution.

From the earliest days of motorized travel to today, professional automotive recycling has evolved into a sophisticated market and technology-driven industry that constantly changes to keep abreast of innovations in automotive technology and manufacturing techniques.

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