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ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group) is the transmission industry’s leading authority on technical support and repair information. Since our inception in 1985 by Robert Cherrnay, we have kept his vision to grow, change, and revolutionize the industry year after year. With our over-the-phone diagnosis and repair guidance by expert techs, hundreds of manuals and tech guides, and newly expanded Tech Library, ATSG is ready to help you tackle any transmission job, big or small!

ATSG’s Recycler Program is a resource for recycler partners to utilize our industry-leading transmission technical support hotline to outsource diagnosis and troubleshooting to ATSG to reduce returns, resulting in saved time, money, and headaches on transmission sales.

There are currently many recyclers using the program, and it has proven to reduce returns saving them money, time, and stress. Also, the program allows your sales team to keep selling while we take care of your customer claims.

You don’t have to just throw another transmission at the shop! Our seven professional technicians with over 250 years combined experience specializing in over-the-phone diagnosis are standing by to support recycler partners within 30 minutes of a tech request.

We’ll work directly with the repair shop and provide an easy-to-follow claims form to the recycler with next steps. The ATSG Technicians ensure proper installation and guide the repair shop through any necessary diagnosis.

Our goal is to keep the transmission with your customer and our program is currently operating at an average 29% SAVE RATE! In the instance the transmission does need to be replaced, however, participants are pleased to receive a clear diagnosis of what is wrong with the transmission and confirm if it was installer error or an issue with the transmission itself.

The Process:

  • You sell a transmission
  • Your customer is having an issue with the transmission and they call you
  • You initiate an ATSG tech call via our easy-to-use online form or phone call
  • ATSG tech calls the repair shop directly within 30 minutes (Available in Spanish)
  • ATSG tech provides you with an easy-to-follow detailed claims form after the work with your customer is completed
  • Currently operating at a 29% save rate

Provide your customers with the world’s best transmission tech support and keep them buying from you – call us about ATSG’s Recycler Program available for $750/month or $100/case.

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ATSG Transmission Technicians ENSURE PROPER INSTALLATION and GUIDE THE REPAIR SHOP through any necessary diagnosis.

  • All proper procedures are completed to determine if the transmission is in fact in need of replacement
  • Reduce returns resulting in saved money, time, and stress
  • Provide your customers with the world’s best transmission tech support 
Call: (888) 275-4037.  Visit:

I just wanted to reach out and say thanks much! This was our first time using ATSG, and it was nothing short of your promise!!! Very much appreciate your services.


– John Hull, Powertrain Professional, Weller Auto Parts