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Carvio Car Buying Selling

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At CarVIO, we work directly with the consumer to buy their car at a fair price. Our system offers them an instant offer, starting with three questions:

• Does your car run and drive?

• Do you have a clear title with no loans or liens in your name?

• Is the car missing any parts?

carvio carTo qualify a vehicle, we also ask for photos first! Each side of the car and the interior are reviewed. We check that there were no accidents, and if there were, they must document the damage with photos. We even take cars that won’t start, with the consumer offering a guesstimate of the mileage. We offer 100 locations for vehicle drop off or pick up and get the vehicle title before payment is issued.

We offer free pick up or drop off of the vehicle and pay them within 48 hours! CarVIO handles all DMV paperwork and transportation fees.

To build consumer confidence, there are no hidden fees,

we have an A+ rating with the BBB and have been a member since April 2019, our services are available 24/7, and we all types of cars, running, slow-running or non-running.

• Wrecked

• Damaged

• Salvage Title

• All Conditions

• High Mileage

• Doesn’t pass a smog check

• All Makes and Models

But what does that mean to you, the automotive recycler? In the past, our vehicles landed at the auction, and you likely bid on and bought them there. For the first time, we are offering the ability to buy a selection of quality, vetted vehicles directly from us. While most of our cars do end up at auction, we have selected amounts of inventory we are releasing directly to automotive recyclers. Our 47+ car buyers have the experience needed to offer the consumer a fair price, and an eye for what auto recyclers are looking for in an end-of-life vehicle. We pass a fair price on to you, too.

Reach out to CarVIO today to discuss setting your account to access the thousands of cars we have with Recycled Original Equipment® auto parts for the picking!

Our headquarters are in San Diego, CA and Clearwater, FL and we have branch locations in all 50 states.