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Cirba Solutions: Battery Recycling Leader for a Sustainable Closed-Loop

Cirba Solutions

Cirba Solutions

2115 Rexford Rd. Ste. 550
Charlotte, NC 28211
Danielle Spalding
(740) 653-6290

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This global organization has the largest operational footprint in North America and is an industry leader in sustainable, critical battery materials. Cirba Solutions puts materials immediately back into the supply chain. As one of the most trusted recyclers, they take both batteries at end-of-life and manufacturing scrap, processing them to extract critical materials, and supplying those materials back into the supply chain to create a more sustainable, closed-loop approach.

Safety, flexibility, and adaptability sit in the driver’s seat of Cirba Solutions’ approach to electronic vehicle battery recycling.

The Most Experienced Lithium-Ion Processor

Cirba Solutions’ material recovery process has been processing lithium since 2015 using advanced technology, with environmental safety and compliance at the forefront.

cirba DisassemblyProcessing is a core and proven capability of Cirba Solutions and the technologies leveraged by them provide flexible and adaptable solutions to meet the changing market needs.

The company has a comprehensive collective network where they partner with automotive OEMs such as GM, Honda, and Toyota, businesses, municipalities, and battery producers, to gather end-of-life batteries from EVs, production scrap, consumer electronics, and other energy storage systems. Collected materials undergo rigorous sorting based on type, chemistry, and condition.

Cirba Solutions uses hydrometallurgy processing, removing the need for high temperatures and producing fewer emissions compared to conventional solutions. This state-of-the-art, proven hydrometallurgical processing facilitates the purification of recovered materials to pure metals for incorporation back into the supply chain to create new batteries.

To establish a closed-loop recycling system, battery-grade metals are then reintroduced into the battery supply chain.

Reverse Global Logistics Leaders

Renowned for their end-to-end battery recycling management solutions, Cirba Solutions’ experienced drivers will handle any battery load and offer on-site support for packaging, regulatory questions, and safety services.

The company’s six operational facilities throughout North America are strategically located within the U.S. battery belt near gigafactories and major battery manufacturing producers. Through domestic sourcing, Cirba Solutions can reduce logistical costs, enhancing the economic vitality of recycling operations, and reducing the CO2 footprint.

Recovery for Damaged EV Battery Packs

DSC08505-Enhanced-NR (2)The company is leading solutions provided in handling damaged lithium battery packs, including DOT packaging, transportation, recycling, and education.

Owning the process from pick-up, to processing, to reintegration, allows manufacturers to reuse critical minerals from batteries. Creating a closed-loop approach through battery recycling provides valuable materials to the circular economy, increases battery recycling efficiency, and reduces environmental impacts.

Cirba Solutions delivers what you need today and plans for what you need tomorrow.