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PointOfSaleCRUSH Software was founded by Dimitri Gerontis and Chris Mantas. After building and running a successful auto recycling yard themselves, they saw a need for industry-specific software.

They decided to create a point-of-sale and inventory management system that was tailored to the self-service auto recycling industry. They would spend the next several years working to design and build the software before bringing it to market in 2010.

Since 2010, CRUSH has grown to become a major player in the self-service industry, helping auto recyclers streamline their processes and simplify paperwork.

CRUSH is a complete yard management system for self-service auto recyclers. With CRUSH, you can easily buy cars, manage vehicle inventory, efficiently sell parts and track important metrics. CRUSH offers a variety of reports and customizable search features to help your business better track cash flow, inventory turn-over, sales performance, top parts sold, and so much more. CRUSH can also be integrated with a truck scale to purchase vehicles by weight, and offers options to pay a bid price or tonnage price for vehicles.

CRUSH includes an optional Hollander Interchange module that will show interchange notes, along with a list of potential vehicle matches in your yard, without an extra step to look up what is available from the notes.

Commodities like car bodies, cores, catalytic converters, etc. can be tracked through CRUSH as well. Bills of Lading can be created, and payments generated directly from CRUSH, simplifying your paperwork. CRUSH can also submit vehicle data to NMVTIS for you when vehicles are purchased, sold or crushed, eliminating the extra work and reducing the cost of manual submissions.

CRUSH also has an optional scanner available that can be used to move vehicles in the yard, track vehicle processing, and crush vehicles as well.

CRUSH can be customized to meet your business needs and store policies and we are always working to create new features and reports that are useful to our clients. We are a small, dedicated team and we work hard to provide responsive support, suggested improvements, and overall customer satisfaction.

Call us today to schedule an online demo of our software, or ask any questions that you might have.