Gensco Partners with ELV Companies to Advance Depollution

Recycling equipment supplier touts equipment that recovers fluid, copper, aluminum, plastic, rubber, and precious metals.

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As the need for a global circular economy takes center stage, federal governments are pressed to place greater accountability on businesses to process end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) responsibly. ELV dismantlers, and scrap metal recyclers are keenly aware that minimizing Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR) from the recycling process, is being scrutinized. The pressure to reduce environmental contamination and recover fluids, rubber, plastics, copper, precious metals, and aluminum, among other commodities is a high priority.

Europe, Japan, China, and Korea have taken the lead in legislating mandatory standards regarding ELV recycling. In 2016, Canada joined global leaders with the adoption of O. Reg. 85/16, which obligates ELV recyclers in Ontario to remove automotive oils and greases, coolant, fuel, and windshield fluid.

In the U.S., “The Big Three,” Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis (formerly Chrysler), established the U.S. Council for Automotive Research (USCAR). USCAR, in cooperation with the Vehicle Recycling Partnership (VRP), focuses on their “Recycling, Reuse, Recover” motto to establish standards for “upstream” suppliers and “downstream” recyclers.

Many U.S. stakeholders are voluntarily applying ELV recycling standards practiced globally, to avert the need for restrictive legislation. Whether ELV mandates are imposed by pressure from consumers and suppliers, or governments, responsible auto recycling is clearly here in a big way.

In response, Gensco Equipment Inc., a 100-year-old recycling equipment supplier and consultancy company, has partnered with Iris-Mec S.r.l., a global manufacturer of vehicle, motorcycle and truck depollution and dismantling equipment.

Gensco’s aim is to continue to help the ELV recycling industry find better ways to manage operations while reducing the risks of pollution from the recycling process, and, the company adds, with Iris-Mec’s know-how, attention to detail and quality, it believes it has found the right partner. Iris-Mec has developed systems and components Gensco says are simple, economical, and built with a high standard in quality.

The company offers a wide range of purpose-built systems and equipment for recycling operations of various sizes, including depollution equipment, and can:
• Recover gas, diesel, AdBlue, oil, Freon, and fluids
• Deploy airbags safely, recovering LPG and NPG
• Cut catalytic converter and shred license plates; and
• Provide high-precision vehicle dismantler grapples/clamps

Hydraulic lifts with built-in drill drainage systems have been designed for easy extraction, separation, and compliant storage of various auto fluids. Fluid and fuel quality can be assessed and either reused on-site or sold for revenue, and Gensco will also provide systems that are compatible with customer racks, ramps and lifts already in place.

Hydraulic clamping/tilting tables can extract valuable parts from an ELV such as alternators, wire harnesses and catalytic converters, and the company provides the equipment to process these parts further and recover copper, palladium, platinum and rhodium.

Tires can be separated from crushed steel and aluminum rims, and aluminum separators will render the rim useless without compromising its structure so it can be sold as confirmed, pure aluminum.

Gensco believes that having the right equipment offers a means to be compliant, responsible and profitable all at once, and, with its history servicing the recycling, demolition and automotive industries, the company will handle any implementation required with respect to delivery, installation and serviceability of the product.

Working under the basis that “behind every machine is a relationship and an expectation from the customer that the products they buy with be backed by the company that sold them and that they can depend on receiving a lifetime of product support,” Gensco strives to provide the very best service and recycling equipment.

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