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With the Induction Innovations® Inductor Max, recycling has never been so HOT! Our flameless heating tools have been designed to solve problems such as removing corroded parts and adhesives, auto glass, body moldings and more without the collateral damage that comes from using an open flame.

Torches can be unreliable, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous. Using Invisible Heat,® our tools provide a much safer, faster, and more reliable way of releasing those parts.

Release all types of adhesives bonded to metal without the collateral damage of open flame with the Inductor® Max Kit. The kit is completely portable with the induction inverter mounted in a carry case. It offers audible and visual power indicators.

With the Inductor® Max Kit, you can quickly and easily remove vinyl graphics, moldings, auto glass, windshields, mechanical and suspension parts. Remove body side molding and pinstriping in seconds, quarter glass in less than three minutes and windshields in less than 12 minutes.

The Inductor Max is an American-manufactured induction heater. The power supply runs at 120V/20A/2200W, is operated with a pneumatic foot switch, and comes mounted in a toolbox for easy transporting. It comes with the Fast-Off Pad, Glass Blaster and Concentrator attachments. The attachments can be easily changed, and the toolbox has enough storage in it for all three attachments.

The kit also comes with a pair of L-wedges and a user manual to get you started. The unit and attachments are covered under a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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