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Induction InnovationsRemoving windshields can be a tedious task, but with the Inductor® Glass Blaster® from Induction Innovations Inc.®, the process only takes minutes! The Glass Blaster is Induction Innovations’ high-performance induction heating unit.

This tool is perfect for removing windshields and other bonded auto glass, SMC panels, metal bond adhesives, and spray-on bedliners in a fraction of the time it takes using other tools such as knives and wires.

The Glass Blaster will not burn or melt glass, paint, plastic, and other non-metallic materials. It can remove a windshield from outside the vehicle in less than 15 minutes with no need to remove the interior trim. The Glass Blaster uses high-frequency magnetic fields to generate Invisible Heat® which releases urethane in hard-to-reach areas where other glass tools cannot go, plus there is no damage to the encapsulant or frit.

About the Inductor Glass Blaster

Induction InnovationsThe Glass Blaster (GB-20311) consists of the Inductor Max power supply, which runs on a standard 120v/20amp circuit, with the Glass Blaster attachment hardwired onto it. The kit is mounted in a portable toolbox and comes with two L-wedges to aid you in glass removal, a foot pedal that controls the power output, a one-year warranty, and an instruction manual.

Learn More: Induction Innovations is a manufacturer of high-performance induction heating tools for the automotive industry. Their tools generate Invisible Heat® to release seized hardware from corrosion or thread lock compounds without the dangers of open flames. These tools are made in the USA with genuine OEM parts. Contact Us: Contact an Induction Heating Specialist via phone at 877-688-9633 or email at Follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.