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Innovation is a skill best acquired through forward and creative thinking, two beliefs that are at the core of the way PMR does business. As an industry innovator since 1996, we are now global leaders of catalytic converter processing, the reliable source of information and knowledge, and the committed partner of scrap metal and automotive recyclers.

Our conviction is simple: Think Different. For decades, we’ve been proving that change and innovation only bring beneficial solutions and better results for our suppliers.

Because we are more than just your converter processor. We are partners who want to see you succeed at every step of the process. From converter acquisition to lot settlement, we have pioneered systems, tools, and platforms that help you expand your operations, capture more market share, and elevate the game.

Systems built for you.

Get quick access to your converter data and ROI with our low lot requirements of only 150 units. Ship as frequently as you want and get assay results in only 10-15 business days.

Hedge one, two, or all three metals with our unique hedging options that adapt to your business strategy and tolling preferences. Decide to toll your ounces for 115 days or more without hedging and take action when the market is more opportune for you. Or choose not to toll your ounces and benefit from our unique hedging opportunities and advance payment options as soon as your lot is in stock.

Dedicated and personalized assistance teams always pick up the phone, ready to connect you with the right converter information and the right converter expert so that you can continue to make the best business decisions.

Level up the game with unmatched tools.

The key to elevating your competitive edge is getting access to pricing and evaluation tools for your converters. With PMR’s photo grading, VIN/TRIM, master catalog, and price list, you get all the information you need to acquire confidently and profitably.

Keep track of your in-house and shipped material, monitor your data, and visualize your internal operations with our Supplier Services Platform. With tracking tools, you can create secure, accountable, and organized records of your finances and converter operations.

But the real kicker is our tailored partnership.

We didn’t enter the game to simply process your converters. We are the partners who care about your success, thinking differently to ensure our process helps you reach your goals.

In 2022, our in-house laboratory earned an ISO 17025:2017 certification, not only proving that we keep aiming for the highest standard but also proving our desire to always give the best results.

We were the first to deploy VIN/TRIM, a tool that quickly estimates the potential associated converter value by vehicle model, helping recyclers adapt to changing scrap markets and secure end-of-life vehicles confidently and profitably.

And the cherry on top is our brand-new, cutting-edge machinery that elevates foil and ceramic processing proficiency. Recyclers receive a refined process of their material, with top-tier systems that capture any dust, ensuring every ounce of precious metal content is secured.

While others were content with the industry, we asked how we could make it better. Because at PMR, we understood that adopting a mindset of forward-thinking was the only way to bring you to new success summits.