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PMRSince 1996, PMR has remained devoted to a customer-focused mantra and innovative mindset. This has enabled us to develop a business model that provides tailored solutions to support each and every one of our supplier’s professional needs.

With a dedicated management team oriented toward solving quality and efficiency problems, PMR has established itself as an all-inclusive processor of auto catalysts, accepting all material types: ceramic, foil, DPF, aftermarket and O2 sensors.

At PMR we aren’t just interested in receiving your converters, we are interested in helping you succeed at every stage of the converter recycling process. Dominating in converter recycling means understanding how converter tools, tailored processing and market timing, all work together, to enable strategic and successful results.

Have the right knowledge to level up – With PMR’S online supplier services platform (SSP), you have access to extensive support in purchasing, evaluating and monitoring your catalyst material. Auto recyclers can simultaneously keep their employees accountable, and converters secure with virtual inventory boxes that track unit counts and estimated value before shipping out for assay. The platform also allows recyclers to track their material as it moves between processing phases and includes referencing tools depicting refined value averages of over 22,000 units.

PMRUnderstand how tailored processing methods better suit you – Although many competitors now claim to be the first, PMR was the true visionary behind small lot assays. With the lowest minimum material requirement of 100 ceramic OEM units, PMR provides more recyclers with the opportunity to deal direct and get paid on assay. Larger volume suppliers have the added benefit of separate results by material type or location — and with the fastest turnaround time in the industry, every supplier can quickly take advantage of market prices and put money back into their business.

As the market changes, your converter’s value changes – Understanding that the PGM market plays a big role in converter returns, allows recyclers to make more educated and informed decisions when selling. PMR offers a range of hedging options for various delivery schedules that can accommodate desired profit margins. Recyclers can choose to hedge one, two, or all three metals during business hours — according to the chosen physical ounce delivery obligation. Additionally, hedging precious metal ounces can be made available up to 10 days prior to receiving a shipment at a PMR facility.

Locations – PMR has four facilities across North America.


PMR Headquarters
4640 Grande-Allée Blvd
Boisbriand, QC

PMR Mirabel, QC
11775 Rue Service A 3
Mirabel, QC

United States

PMR Nevada
3824 N 5th Street
Unit D
North Las Vegas, NV
USA 89032

The PMR way – whether it be our attentive supplier support (we always pick up the phone), superior service offerings or deep consideration towards supplier feedback, we promise to always deliver satisfactory service.