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At Wheelzy, we create more opportunities for your business to buy cars online. Working across all 50 states with our innovative platform for online car buying and personalized team, we allow dealers and recyclers to quickly and easily purchase the cars that best fit their business needs.

No Cost to Join – Only Pay for the Cars You Buy

We are committed to reliability and ensuring a smooth and straightforward online car buying experience. Local buyers and recyclers are central to what makes Wheelzy special. Buyers can view and bid on vehicles at no cost to them and you never pay more than your bid amount. We take our fee out of the seller amount.

Sell My Junk Car to Wheelzy

Our national reach means you get access to Wheelzy’s extensive inventory from junk cars and wrecked cars to whole cars. You can start bidding on vehicles the moment you sign up. Our Buyer Support Team works for you to gather the necessary information about each vehicle’s condition, so you can bid with confidence.

Efficient Bidding Process

  •  Streamlined Bidding: Online car buying is made easy with Wheelzy. Our buyer portal allows you to customize all aspects of your bids, from titles to catalytic converters – Wheelzy has you covered.
  • Customer Management: Avoid negotiating with sellers over the phone or chasing people down. Wheelzy brings sellers who have accepted an offer directly to our buyers, allowing you to focus on what matters most – buying more vehicles.
  • Dedicated Support: Our partners have full access to Wheelzy’s dedicated Buyer Support Team. Our team regularly consults with each buyer, tailoring their experience to suit individual business needs.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Being a buyer with Wheelzy means more than just accessing cars; it’s about building relationships. We value our partners and continuously work to support the growth and success of their dealership or recycling business. We listen to partner feedback and make constant improvements to our services based on your needs with the simple goal of helping you buy more of the vehicles that you want.

Join the Wheelzy Car Buyer Network

As a Wheelzy partner, you’re not just joining a car buying network; you’re becoming part of a community committed to mutual success in online car buying and cash for car industries. We’re excited to provide the platform and support needed to expand your car buying business.

Experience the Wheelzy difference today. Get in touch with us to join our network of trusted car buyers and discover a world of opportunities at your fingertips.