Facility Efficiency & Recycling Wisdom

How the inner workings of your converter processor’s facility can give you a sharper edge.

In the world of catalytic converter recycling exists a delicate balance between processing efficiency and fast, accurate returns. At PMR, our 28 years of experience have taught us that to offer the fastest payment to our suppliers, our facilities need to have state-of-the-art machinery, top-tier laboratory technologies, and a team of experts.  

We understand that our supplier’s payment is a direct reflection of our proficiency in processing their material and analyzing it. So, we’re here to share our recycling wisdom and give you exclusive access to the secrets of efficiency. 

Having specialized machines that minimize the steps in converter processing is pivotal to efficiency.

The Importance of Cutting-Edge Machinery

Having specialized machines that minimize the steps in converter processing is pivotal to efficiency. These machines need to process converters rapidly while extracting the metals they contain with precision. This way, you can access your payment options faster without sacrificing on the quality of the process.

For example, PMR’s cutting-edge machines grade, cut, decan, and commingle catalyst material in one step. By creating a unified process, we cut down delays and any risk of human error. That means quick and precise metal extraction.

But being able to process converters quickly means much more than rapid payment. Let’s dive deeper into the other benefits of having an efficient processing facility.

Adapting to All Converter Volumes

In 28 years, we’ve learned that an efficient facility can process converter lots of any size. That’s because we’ve built machinery and invested in technology that adapts to market developments and different recycler needs.

If you’re dealing with a converter processor, make sure they can process any-sized lots without sacrificing on assay time, quality, and speed of payment. This way, no matter how the market changes, you don’t have to wait to ship large amounts of converters. You can ship smaller lots and keep a steady stream of revenue.

Maximizing Recovery and Minimizing Waste

In converter recycling, every ounce of precious metal must be captured to give recyclers the true worth of their material. And that includes dust.

Efficient facilities have specialized machinery or systems that capture any dust your material can produce as it’s being processed. For example, PMR’s machinery not only extracts the ceramic inside your converters but also secures all the dust that cutting and decanning creates.

Seizing those dust particles with the rest of your ceramic material might seem like a small difference, but in the world of precious metal recycling, it’s extra profit you can use to fuel your business.

Reducing Operational Costs & Enhancing Profitability

Reducing processing steps and enhancing precious metal capture boils down to cutting operational costs. Efficient facilities not only help you make more with your material but also help you save on any costs that could drag down your bottom line.

But efficiency also means that facilities can process even more material without having to charge more fees. By being quick without sacrificing on quality, facilities can service more recyclers, extract more precious metals, and grow their own businesses in the process.

Laboratory and Analysis Technologies: Key Players in Efficiency

Assay is the second step in the converter recycling journey. And in our experience, the most important one.

We understand that an in-house lab does more for the supplier and the processor than outsourcing our analyses. And it helps us be that much more efficient with assay results and payment.

Efficient facilities should have an in-house laboratory that samples, analyzes, and delivers assay results quickly. They should use standard devices like X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP) to analyze the precise amount of platinum, palladium, and rhodium in your converters. This way, you can hedge or get paid at the speed that meets your needs.

For example, we have an ISO-accredited laboratory that delivers assay results in 10 – 15 business days. This helps suppliers be more efficient in their own businesses because they can hedge, take payment, and understand their material faster than the industry standard.  

As of 2023, PMR has directed most of our research and development efforts into creating the first-ever 5-day assay turnaround. Our goal is to enhance our and our suppliers’ operational efficiency.

Dedicated Team: The Cherry on Top of Efficiency

A dedicated team not only supports your business but also develops new tools and processes to enhance your efficiency. This way, you can pivot strategies during market fluctuations and maintain the efficiency and profitability of your own business.

For example, PMR’s team of converter experts are constantly looking to innovate the scene. We’re experimenting with AI, testing new technologies to slash down assay turnaround, and developing a scrap car buying tool that puts efficiency in the driver’s seat. It’s with this team, the one we’ve built over 28 years, that we can forge a better reality for converter recyclers.

Our words of wisdom to the converter recycling world are this: whether you’re already dealing with a converter processor or looking for a new converter buyer, efficiency should be your hallmark.