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When the Takata Airbag Recovery Program launched in 2015, our IT Department swung into action to create software for Recyclers to process airbags. However, they recognized that there were customers enrolled in CorePro submitting cores and airbags, and Recyclers who only wanted to process their airbags. So two logins were put on the same page, and Recyclers could either log in as a Guest or use their CorePro Login.

Recyclers are more Sophisticated

We have noticed that Recyclers have become more sophisticated with their airbag programs, and it was time to give our Guest Login Customers a more efficient way to process their airbags.  CorePro has a great flow from searching  VIN’s, to carting and invoicing  airbags in bulk. In fact, your Mobile YAPP (Yard Airbag App) will send your items directly to the Cart so you can invoice both deployed and non-deployed airbags together.

Real-time Flow

One of our primary goals is to match our software to your facility workflow. Every Recycler is different, but we find that many yards who inventory and dismantle vehicles, as well as some self-service yards, like a Computer-based tracking system versus our Mobile App. Many recyclers don’t dismantle their airbags as soon as they arrive at their property. The new program allows early detection of Takata Airbags and real-time tracking all the way to final shipment to RAS.

CorePro for Recalls allows you to search a VIN and save it. At this point, you can print the VIN barcode to be used as a work order for Parts Pullers and/or Dismantlers. Once the airbag is removed from the vehicle, you move it from Saved Searches to the Cart. One of the best features of CorePro for Recalls is that you can accumulate VIN’s in both Saved Searches and the Cart without losing them. Once you accumulate your usual number in the Cart, you can select all items in your Cart and Invoice. If the airbags are boxed and shrink wrapped on the pallet, you can even set the requested pick up-date. Your RAS Recall Specialist will then issue a PO and BOL (Bill of Lading) for freight pick up.

This diagram illustrates how you can search for VIN’s, add them to Saved Searches, and then add to Cart.


You Control the Process

The overarching point is that CorePro for Recalls gives the facility more visibility and control of the airbag process. The software aligns with your workflow. With tools like our Mobile YAPP (Yard Airbag App) and CorePro for Recalls, we are meeting the needs of Recyclers by providing tools that can create a lean program for recalled airbag recovery.

Existing CorePro Users

As a benefit to existing CorePro users, I would recommend that you call me to give you the CorePro Recall Upgrade.

How do I sign up for CorePro for Recalls?

A simple call or email to Paul the Recall Guy at 401-458-9080 or pdadamo@coresupply.com. The Setup and Training usually take about 15 – 20 minutes, give or take, depending on questions.