Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Roll off Trailer Company BENLEE, Doubles Down On Commitment


Romulus, MI., June 24, 2020.  Roll off trailer manufacturing company BENLEE has doubled down on its commitment to Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) principles.  “The world is undergoing major challenges including climate change, health, economic downturn and of course equality for all”, said Greg Brown President and CEO of BENLEE.

Despite much of the U.S. economy slowing for the past 18+ months and especially in the past four months due to COVID-19, BENLEE remains committed to ESG, led by a recent $500,000 investment in two large solar arrays/roofing, by POWERHOME SOLAR, to offset power purchased from DTE, used in manufacturing, engineering and office areas. The company has also raised its minimum wage to $15.00/hr. for all entry-level associates and implemented a monthly bonus structure for every employee.  This bonus can pay up to yet another approximately $1.25/hour, so new entry level people can earn over $16.00/hour depending on the company’s performance.

With a critical emphasis on safety, especially in these times of COVID-19, the diverse senior management team, meets daily to discuss key business issues.  The meeting starts with a discussion of safety protocols to protect its associates and its customers, who mainly use their products in the Recycling industry, a key part of ESG.

While the company remains committed to making its trailers and trucks as safe as possible, it has also made SmartWay tires standard on all its trailers which can reduce NOx emissions and fuel use by 3%, per EPA data.  Also, BENLEE heavily promotes Auto Tire inflation systems by PSI, that maintain optimum tire pressure, reducing fuel use and increasing tire life, thereby further decreasing the carbon footprint of its vehicles.

BENLEE has also been active in working with elected officials in Washington DC from New York and Michigan to promote policies that grow the economy faster, while still protecting people and the environment.  Investments are clearly needed at the Federal level to support and rebuild the economy due to COVID-19, but long-term investments are needed in Education, R&D and Infrastructure, which will support faster economic growth and efficiency. “Faster growth and investments are needed along with responsible spending and eventually raising revenue, to stabilize the U.S. Federal Deficit that is $26.3 Trillion and growing, due to years of slow growth, out of control spending and now COVID-19”, said Brown.

“The U.S. is great and we would be greater together, if together we all live and breathe the principles of ESG, leading to a greater planet, greater economy and greater social justice for all”, concluded Brown.

BENLEE is the leader in the manufacture of Roll Off Trailers, Gondola Trailers and Lugger trucks, as well as a leader in the sale of replacement parts for the Waste, Recycling and Demolition industry, supplying every Tarp, Roller, Pulley, Strap, Valve, Cylinder, Cable and more, via its web-based store powered by Shopify®.

For more see www.benlee.com

SOURCE: BENLEE Roll off Trailers Contact: Greg Brown at 734-722-8100, greg.brown@benlee.com