Excactbids Launches Into The Australian and New Zealand


New auction buying solution, exactbids launches into the Australian and New Zealand market today, improving the way automotive recyclers do business.

The most important job in an auto recycling business is buying salvage, but for many small businesses, the process is a real headache. It’s time consuming and overwhelming trying to find the right cars, not to mention pricing them. Even a good buyer will usually need to price up 100 cars to buy up to 10 at the right price. This is a full time job for the highest paid employee or even the owner of the business. 

According to Chad Counselman, former ARA President now based in Australia and representing Auto PARTnered Solutions: ‘So many automotive recyclers spend countless hours previewing auctions when their time could be better utilised to grow their business.’

Chad Counselman and Chris Daglis of Auto PARTnered Solutions have teamed up to provide an easy to implement solution to these issues. Utilising their years of Automotive Recycling industry experience and their investment into systems improvement they are launching exactbids in the Australian and New Zealand market today: Monday 20th July.

exactbids will help yards:

  • Buy more cars based on the unique needs of their yard
  • Buy better cars based on the needs of their customers
  • Save time trawling through auctions
  • Ensure they have previewed ALL vehicles at ALL auctions, not just those they have time to
  • Automate a time-consuming and overwhelming process

exactbids has worked closely with Manheim Auctions in Australia and New Zealand to provide a feed of all salvage including images through to Bid Buddy.  Users will upload these vehicles with the good parts and interchange chosen accurately and within less than 1 minute  the whole auction list will be uploaded to their system. Better still – cars are accurately ranked from best to worst (QCI Score), according to the yard’s particular needs. 

Integration for yards using Bid Buddy and Pinnacle is simple and seamless, so there’s no need for yard owners to consider membership another headache. 

During a recent demo, Chad uploaded, valued and ranked 106 vehicles in 6 seconds! That’s it, he had his bid price ready to go and prepared to bid on the ones with the highest QCI ranking in 6 seconds.  

It’s currently impossible for yards to check every single auction for the right cars without building a huge team. With exactbids and their team of qualified Parts Interpreters yards can ensure they are across all auctions so they never miss the right purchase for them.

‘I really want to free salvage yards from the overwhelm of buying salvage day in, day out.’ says Chris Daglis of Auto PARTnered Solutions, ‘My daily mission as an automotive consultant is to provide simple solutions to benefit the industry. Streamlining processes that traditionally have been very labour intensive and cumbersome. Often there is a better way, and I think we have managed to provide that with exactbids. I can confidently say that using exactbids will allow members to buy better salvage, buy more salvage, find the right salvage UNIQUE TO THEM and ultimately (which is what we all want) drive their profitability higher. It’s a no-brainer as far as I am concerned.’