Summer 2020 – Takata Airbag RoundUp


FAQ – Are you still paying a Bounty on Honda airbags? I’m not getting as many hits on my Honda’s.

Since the RAS Airbag Recovery program began, the Automakers have frequently added and redacted VIN’s from our database. The primary reason for redactions is that the vehicle has been repaired so the automaker is able to eliminate the VIN from recall. With the Takata airbag recall, many of the original airbags were replaced with a like-kind airbag, in essence, a newer version of the defective unit. The reason for this was when the Recall began, and the automakers could not produce the new “non-Takata” design in the quantities necessary for the large number of vehicles being manufactured. NHTSA allowed them to replace the airbags with a like-kind of airbag knowing that a timer would be set when this airbag would also be recalled.

Several Automakers including Ford (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury), Honda (Honda, Acura), Mazda, Subaru, and Toyota (Toyota, Lexus, Scion) updated their VIN list in the Spring of 2020. The RAS database still has over 15 million VIN’s for recalled airbags.

FAQ – I’m having trouble with the built in Barcode Scanner on my iPhone. Is it me?

Great question, we have noticed that the iOS on the iPhones is not as efficient with the scanner as is the Android OS. We are currently taking steps to upgrade the built-in barcode scanner. We are currently field-testing two different vendors’ products. Our goal is to equip our mobile YAPP (yard airbag app) users with a scanner that is “alarmingly fast and accurate”. We need to match the speed at which our customers operate in the field.

FAQ – Is there any alternative to using the Guest Log-in? It doesn’t remember my VIN’s

We will be releasing a desktop software upgrade called CorePro for Recalls. The Guest Log-in was designed for yards that did not participate in the RAS Core Program. We have now incorporated the best features of our CorePro program into CorePro for Recalls, which will allow recyclers to identify and remove the non-deployed airbags in a process that aligns with their normal workflow. The software works seamlessly with our Mobile YAPP (yard airbag app) for deployed airbags. Invoicing for both the deployed and non-deployed is made simple through our cart, where you will be able to specify a requested pick up date. 

FAQ – Are there any other Bounty recalls on the horizon?

While RAS is continuously looking for opportunities to incentivize recyclers for recalls, we do not currently have any projects to announce.

FAQ – Are there specific Recall Bounty Programs for Shredders/Scrap Processors

Not necessarily. We currently have a robust set of technology tools for the Auto Recycling Industry whether we are serving  Self-Service, Full-Service, Hybrid, or Shredder/Scrap Processor Operations. Multi-Site locations typically require additional reporting and/or custom integration of our API into their YMS (yard management system). We are customer driven and able to create customized software solutions for larger operations. Still, our core software focuses on streamlined identification of Takata airbags and the efficient recovery/transport, and payment to our customers. 

Have a great Summer and remember to follow all CDC safety precautions. Be Safe! Questions about defective Takata Recalls? Call Paul the Recall Guy at 401-458-9080 or


By Katie Stark and Paul D’Adamo